About us

We started during 2018 by offering services and consultations for companies and individuals with an interest in genetic predispositions and risks in a few selected areas. In reality, it started much earlier with the introduction of the, at the time, new test NIPT for prenatal screening.
We were one of the first clinics in Sweden to offer PCR-testing for Corona (Sars-CoV-2) in February 2020 and the first privately run clinic to offer it.
We participate in research and development projects around genetic diagnostic, e.g. validation and quality control of newly developed genetic tests and methods of analysis.
Our services are continuously being developed and expanded, we limit ourselves to areas of great medical value and where have unique knowledge and to contacts in our network that can create sizeable contributions to the furthering of our understanding of the human body.
Today our team consists of the following people:

Dr. Lars Salmi – PhD, MD, General practitioner and CEO of Gendoktorn.
Mikael Tyrberg – Junior doctor
Ewa Carlsson – Assistant nurse and clinic administrator

About Gendoktorn