Corona testing

Gendoktorn issues EU digital COVID certificate ( click here to read more) according to the guidelines set up by the Swedish eHealth Agency that has been in charge of developing the Swedish part of the ceritifcates. To read more and to see if you can get a digital COVID ceritficate, in Swedish Covidbevis, read more at the Swedish eHealth Agency’s website by clicking here and to make sure that the clinic you plan to visit can be found there.

We were the first private clinic in Sweden to offer Covid-19 testing and have done so since February 2020.
We test both people with and without symptoms, all people are given a medical certificate of the result that can, for example, be used as a travel certificate.
A negative corona test if might be required for travelling, most commonly a PCR test.

Is your business or the company you represent interested in testing you can contact us at or call us.

Corona testing


Price: 1350 SEK incl. travel certificate
Booking: Push “Book a time” in the bottom right corner. Choose the test you want to take and push “boka”. Then you will be able to choose an available time and date that fits you.
Result: If you have been tested before 12:00 you will receive the result and certificate the same day before 20:00
If you have been tested after 12:00 you will receive the result and certificate the next day before 20:00.

We can help you even if you do not have a Swedish personnummer or a digital mailbox.
A certificate is included without extra cost. Assuming that the result does not stop you from travelling it can be used as a travel certificate.

How testing is done: A swab/thin stick through the nose to the upper part of the pharynx.

Express RT-PCR

If you need a result the same day after 12:00 p.m. If you are in an emergency contact us at +46 760-222 950 or if you are in a not same day emergency you can contact us here or at

Price: 1950 SEK incl. travel certificate