Do you offer individualized testing?

We co-operate with a number of different well regarded labs that perform more types of analysis than the one’s we currently show on our website. If you are interested in a kind of testing that you can not find on out website, please feel free to email us and we will investigate if we can perform the analysis with one of our partners.

Do you perform the analysis by yourselves?

Our tests are analysed at well-regareded labs that uphold a high quality Gendoktorn acts as a link between you and the lab. We also offer help in interpretation of the results and limit ourselves to services that we determine to be of interest of a medical point of view.

What happens with my personal data och genetic information when testing?

We limit limit our co-operations to partners that do not send you data or information to somone else.
Only you, we and the lab get to see your information.

Do I need to come to Gothenburg for testing?

We try to as much as possible use saliva samples which makes it easy to send a test kit to you.
Some tests needs however to be done with a blood sample but then we can send a referral that you can bring to someone offering drawing of blood.

How long does it take to get the results?

Please see estimations of time on the respective product page.
Many of our genetic tests use advanced types of analysis that take tid, transportation to the lab of the sample and also time for us and you to get the results. In some cases this can lead to waiting times over 1 month.
We try do what we can to minmise the waiting times as much as possible while keeping the price down.

Why does the testing cost so much?

We offer genetic testing that in some cases also our offered in the public sector, Gendoktorn is however a completely privately run clinic and hence recive no funds from the public to cover the cost.of testing.
Most of our tests are highly advanced and requires specialised procedures, deep knowledge and experience from all involved from testing to result and interpretation of the result which can lead to what can be be perceived as expensive pricing.
We try to find labs that fulfils our requirements of quality, protection of your information, and try to keep the price down regularly.

Many of the genetic tests are of the type that they only need to be done once a lifetime.

We are a company that interested in testing.

If you are interested in offering e.g. health checks for your employees or any other service you can contact us at info@gendoktorn.se or give us a call.