Background: In our bodies, we all have cells, small “lego blocks” that make up the body. Each cell has a core called the cell nucleus. In the nucleus, we have our DNA, the genetic material that for example decids our eye colour. The DNA is organised in a structure called a chromosome. In total most of us have 23 chromosome pairs. In each pair, one chromosome comes from each biological parent. In some cases, for example, Down’s syndrome the individual has a piece of extra DNA on chromosome pair 21. At the time of pregnancy, a small portion of the DNA will leak into the blood stream of the pregnant woman via the placenta. With a common (venous) blood sample the DNA from the fetus can be used to analyse if there are any extra chromosomes, scientifically called a trisomy. With a NIPT test, we offer this analysis. NIPT is short for “non-invasive prenatal testing” and is completely safe for the fetus and can detect trisomies like Down’s syndrome (trisomy 21). NIPT can also detect trisomy 18 and 13, Edward’s and Patau’s syndrome.
NIPT gives a 99% correct result, if a NIPT finds trisomy a traditional amniocentesis is still recommended as a follow-up.

You have to be in week 10+0 of pregnancy and we will not be able go give a result in 4% of cases. You will get the result within 1-2 weeks.

If we can not give you a result we will give refund your payment. 

How is the test performed: Common (venous) blood sample from the pregnant woman.

When can I have a test: At the time of the visit you should have reached at least week 10+0 of pregnancy.

Price: 4 650 SEK or 5 950 SEK. We usually recommend the test for 4 650 SEK.

How do I make an appointment: Firstly push “Boka tid här” and if there is any available time, if you can not find a time contact us here or at

When will I get the result?”: 1-2 weeks

What happens when I get the result: You will get a consultation with Dr. Lars over the phone to discuss your result and to get guidance on what to do next. This is also available even if your result is completely normal.

Where will the analysis be performed: Gothenburg.
Please note that we do not offer other controls around pregnancy, we do for example not offer ultrasound or other clinical controls. At the moment we only offer the blood sample.

NIPT Norway

NIPT er godkjent i Norge fra 38 år. Yngre kvinner er så langt henvist til prøvetaking i utlandet. Vi har for øyeblikket ikke muligheten til å sende NIPT til / fra Norge. Interesserte har derfor måttet reise til oss i Gøteborg for prøvetaking. Kontakt oss via e-post eller direkte på reservasjonssiden for å avtale tid. Vær oppmerksom på at vi ikke tilbyr andre kontroller eller aktiviteter angående graviditet (eksempel ultralyd, kliniske undersøkelser etc).

Additional information

In addition to the information mentioned above, we can also analyse the presence of gender chromosome anomalies and we can usually also determine the gender of the fetus (if there is just one and not more). Among the gender chromosome anomalies are Turner’s syndrome (XO) and Klinefelter’s syndrome (XXY).
Please note that NIPT is primarily a test to find trisomies and that gender chromosome anomalies can not always be performed due to low levels of fetal DNA. For this reason testing for gender chromosome anomalies and to determine the gender of the fetus if offered without extra cost since we can not guarantee a result.