Occupational health services

In cooperation with Svensk Specialistmedicin, Gendoktorn offers occupational health services including medical assesments and testing with a focus on flexibility and swiftness.
Even if your business already have agreements in place we can act as a complimentary service.

Amongst others we offer.

Doctors/physician consultations (General practitioner)

  • Acute symptoms ( assessment within 48 hours, most often quicker)
  • Follow-up of chronic diagnoses
  • Medical investigations and certificates

Physical examination / health check

  • Heart, blood pressure, diabetes and other investigations
  • Blood sampling and annual physical examinations / health check
  • Assessment of life style
  • Vaccinations, renewal of prescriptions
  • Covid-19 testing with travel certificate

Risk assessment for hereditary diseases

  • NIPT (prenatal diagnostics)
  • Genetic carrier screening
  • Testing for hereditary cancer e.g. breastcancer, prostatecancer, colon polyposis and more
At the moment we are primarily offering this to our already established partners.
Even if you already have agreements in place with Insurance carriers or for occupational health services with another provider you are welcome.

We can then act as a complimentary service without long waiting times and without complex agreements.
Since we value our high level of flexibility we have chosen to not be a part of the publicly funded health care.

You are very welcome to contact us if you are interested and tell us about your needs!

Occupational health services