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Gendoktorn Medicinsk Service AB (hereinafter referred to as “Gendoktorn”) is the data controller for the processing of the personal data you provide in connection with your request that Gendoktorn perform any of the services provided by Gendoktorn, such as genetic tests Stockholm-3, Pharmacogenetics, etc. (collectively referred to as the “Services”). The purpose of Gendoktorn processing of personal data is to provide and implement the Services. The “Personal Data Policy” is intended to make you feel confident that Gendoktorn as a data controller handles your data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, General Data Protection Regulation / GDPR (“applicable”). Data protection legislation ”). A prerequisite for being able to take part in the Services is that you provide the requested personal information to Gendoktorn. If you do not have an answer to a question, you are welcome to contact us. Information on how to contact us can be found under the heading “Contact details” below.


“Personal data” refers to all kinds of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a natural person who is alive. The Services may process personal data relating to first and last name, telephone number, address, postal code, e-mail address, social security number, age, height and weight.


“Sensitive Personal Information” is information that reveals racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, and personal information related to health or sexual life. Information about health can be, for example, sick leave, pregnancy, genetic information and doctor visits. Within the framework of the Services, Gendoktorn may process Sensitive Personal Data relating to current medical conditions, test results, as well as voluntarily specified data and patient history.


As a starting point, Gendoktorn will only process your Personal Data if you have given your consent. Your consent to the processing of personal data is obtained according to a separate document in connection with you approving the Services, which means that you consent to Gendoktorn using and processing your Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data in accordance with what is described in the Personal Data Policy. You can revoke your consent at any time. However, if you revoke your consent, it may mean that the Services can no longer be provided to you. Personal data may also be processed if this is necessary to fulfill the agreement regarding the Services with you after a balance of interests if the General Practitioner’s legitimate interest outweighs your interests or fundamental rights.


The purposes and purposes of the processing of Personal Data are attributable to Gendoktorn being able to provide you with the Services and are processed in accordance with this Personal Data Policy. Personal data is necessary to administer, process, assess risk and make calculations within the framework of the provision of the Services. The personal data is also used for the purpose of preparing a report based on the results from the Services which are then sent to you.


In some cases, Gendoktorn may supplement the Personal Information provided by you with information provided by public sources. Gendoktorn may also receive Personal Data from third parties in order to be able to provide the Services. In this case, prior consent is required from you.


Gendoktorn will not, without your permission, disclose your Personal Data to anyone in any other way than what follows from the Personal Data Policy. Gendoktorn will not pass on your Personal Data to third parties for marketing purposes. Gendoktorn may engage third parties for services in connection with the Services. Third parties may handle Personal Data and sometimes need limited access to Personal Data collected for the Services. Gendoktorn will always strive to limit such access to Personal Data and only share information that is reasonably necessary for third parties to be able to do their work or provide their services. Gendoktorn will also require third parties to (i) protect your Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Policy and (ii) not use or disclose your Personal Data for any purpose other than to provide the Services (iii) assure you that this transfer takes place in accordance with applicable Data Protection Legislation and that a personal data assistant agreement has been entered into with a third party on the processing of personal data. The following is a list of such third parties who, in accordance with the above, may receive Personal Data: – Karolinska University Laboratory (within the framework of the Stockholm-3 service). – Abomics Oy (within the framework of the Pharmacogenetics service). In the event that Gendoktorn is covered by a reorganization, merger or sale, Gendoktorn may transfer Personal Data to the relevant third party, provided that the third party undertakes to process Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Policy.


Gendoktorn will not transfer Personal Data to third countries (ie a country outside the EU / EEA) without your prior consent. In order for Gendoktorn to be able to provide you with the Services, it may in some cases be required that Personal Data, referrals and tests, be transferred to third countries. Should such transfer of Personal Data be necessary, consent will be obtained from you. Gendoktorn will also require third parties to (i) protect your Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Policy and (ii) not use or disclose your Personal Data for any purpose other than to provide the Services and (iii) assure you that this transfer takes place in accordance with applicable Data Protection legislation and that a personal data assistant agreement has been entered into with a third party on the processing of personal data.


Gendoktorn reserves the right to revise the Personal Data Policy from time to time. The date of the last change is indicated in the header of the document as “Valid from”. If Gendoktorn makes any changes to the Personal Data Policy, Gendoktorn will publish these changes at You are therefore advised to read this Personal Data Policy regularly to be aware of any changes. If Gendoktorn changes the Personal Data Policy in a manner that differs significantly from what was stated when your consent was collected, Gendoktorn Practitioner will notify of these changes and, if necessary, obtain new consent to Gendoktorn’s personal data processing.


Your Personal Data will not be stored for longer than is necessary with regard to the purposes of the processing and Gendoktorn will delete Personal Data in the manner that follows from applicable legislation. How long Personal Data is stored depends on the Personal Data in question and the purpose of its processing. The information you provide to Gendoktorn will be stored according to the principles below and thereafter, in certain cases, for a period that is necessary and has the support of law. As a general rule, Gendoktorn will store: a. Information linked to the Services, for a minimum of one (1) year but a maximum of two (2) years; b. signed paper referrals and order forms for seven (7) years physically and four (4) years through network storage; c. performance reports and genotyping results for at least one (1) year; d. invoicing documentation for seven (7) years.


You have the right to request information about which (if any) Personal Data Gendoktorn processes about you and to have any incorrect information corrected, deleted or limited. You also have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data and to have your Personal Data transferred to another personal data controller. You have the right to request information free of charge once per calendar year about which (if any) Personal Data Gendoktorn processes about you, have Personal Data about you deleted and also have any incorrect information corrected. If you want to know if Gendoktorn processes Personal Data about you, you can send us a written and signed request, see section 15 “Contact Information” below.


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Gendoktorn has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. To ensure that Personal Data is processed in a secure and confidential manner, Gendoktorn uses computer networks that are protected against intrusion, including firewalls and password protection according to industry standards. To ensure the integrity of the Personal Data that you provide, Gendoktorn may use encryption technology when Gendoktorn transmits such Personal Data over the Internet to Gendoktorn’s servers. Gendoktorn’s employees and suppliers are bound by confidentiality agreements and are obliged to follow Gendoktorn’s rules for information and IT security, the Personal Data Policy and other internal regulations that further regulate the processing of Personal Data.


If you have a complaint regarding our processing of your Personal Data, you have the opportunity to make a report to the Data Inspectorate, which is the supervisory authority.


For questions about Personal Data Policy or regarding Gendoktorn’s processing of Personal Data, contact:

Org. nr 559151-6678
Odinsgatan 28
SE-411 03 Göteborg