Stockholm-3 / Prostate cancer screening

Background: Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among older men. In Sweden screening, testing of large groups of the population, for prostate cancer has so far not been implemented. A reason for this being the difficulties in how to assess the traditional marker for prostate cancer (PSA) that has thus far been the most widely used marker. In different parts of the world other tests has been developed in an attempt to replace or to add an extra level of knowledge to the PSA test to improve diagnosis. At Karolinska Institute in Stockholm a test called Stockholm-3 or Sthlm3 has been developed. The test consists of 5 protein markers and over 100 genetic markers together with clinical data to assess the risk that one has an in need of treatment and severe prostate cancer. Read more at
If you have or have had prostate cancer this test is not recommended for you.

Among the benefits of Sthlm3 are:

  • Finds more men with severe cancer
  • Decrease the number of men that need to have a biopsy/tissue sample taken.
  • Can find severe cancer in cases with a low PSA.
  • Gives a clear result and recommendation and a better assessment of the individual risk of getting severe prostate cancer.
How is the test done: Common (venous) blood sample.
When do I get the result: Usually within 5-6 weeks
Price: 3 850 SEK
Booking: contact us here or at
Where is the analysis performed: Uppsala, Sweden
Prostate cancer screening